Homeward Pikes Peak is the coordinating agency for homeless services in the Pikes Peak Region. We are also a “first responder” to homeless emergencies when other agencies either cannot or will not respond. Over the years some of the “first responder” situations have grown into full-fledged homeless services programs, all with a very practical grounding. HPP also serves other agencies with pro bono consulting services, sponsors a yearly homeless conference, monthly service provider meetings, community educational events and organizes and sponsors homeless outreach events. As you might discern, we are an agency of eclectic services which have grown out of community needs, and we are very proud of this fact.
 We currently run five discrete programs, which sometimes look like a Venn diagram of overlapping services.

  1. Homeward Pikes Peak, per se, in addition to the services mentioned above, manages the HUD mandated Continuum of Care and the annual HUD Super-NOFA Grant, which brings in over $2 million yearly to the Pikes Peak Region for emergency and transitional housing.
  2. Housing First Pikes Peak is a program offering small apartments and intensive case management to 51 chronically homeless, mentally ill, substance abusers. Left on the streets, these individuals cost the taxpayers $60K each in police, fire, ambulance and emergency room each year. The program costs $18K, per person, yearly.
  3. Homeward Pikes Peak Residential Addiction Recovery Program houses up to 36 recovering addicts who receive therapy and job counseling and skills. Two-thirds of these clients leave with full-time employment.
  4. Harbor House Clinical Services Program serves 275 recovering addicts, many of whom are on probation and who are women trying to regain custody of their children.
  5. Homeward Pikes Peak – Homeless Outreach Program grew out of a 2009 influx of 610 homeless tent campers into downtown Colorado Springs. In seven months, and in conjunction with the Homeless Outreach Team of the Colorado Springs Police Department, we reached out to all 610 campers and helped move 485 on to options other than homelessness. After this event, we broadened the scope to apply the same helping criteria to homeless individuals, small families and women with children. We have offered assistance to over 2,300 homeless individuals, with 77% exiting to some form of stable housing. Our cost is $8.60 per person, per night.
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